The AUVSI SUAS Competition has been held annually since 2002. The competition begins in the end of August with the Notification of Intent, and concludes in June with the 5-day culminating event at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland. For an overview of the competition, the history of the competition, and information about the judges, please see the About page. This page contains information needed to keep informed and compete, with links to the current and past competitions.


The competition schedule can be found in the current rules, and in the SUAS Google Calendar. The SUAS Calendar contains the events, event details (e.g. location), and reminders/notifications. You can add the calendar to your own by pressing the "+Google Calendar" button. This is highly recommended for all competitors and advisors.


The judges use 5 channels to communicate. The SUAS Facebook Page is used to make wider announcements and upload photos. The SUAS YouTube Channel is used to upload videos. All those interested in the competition are encouraged to Like the Facebook Page and Subscribe to the Youtube Channel. The SUAS Google Group is used to coordinate with teams, answer questions, make announcements, and provide a history of communication. All competitors and advisors should join the group. The Github Organization and Repositories are used to version control and distribute competition code. All competitors and advisors should watch the competition repositories to receive updates on issues, code changes, etc. Finally, the judges have an email address for one-on-one communication with teams and sponsors.


All transportation to and from the competition is the team's responsibility. Teams must plan for this in their budget. There are three airports near the competition, each about 2 hours drive away. No mass transit options exist between those airports and the competition. Teams may want to investigate rental cars/trucks (driver age and vehicle size restrictions), taxis (expensive), shuttle services, or ride sharing with other teams.

Competition Years

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