Compete in SUAS

The following contain the steps teams must follow to compete in the AUVSI SUAS competition.


Join all Communication Channels

The judges use 5 channels to communicate. The SUAS Facebook Page is used to make wider announcements and upload photos. The SUAS YouTube Channel is used to upload videos. All those interested in the competition are encouraged to Like the Facebook Page and Subscribe to the Youtube Channel. The SUAS Google Group is used to coordinate with teams, answer questions, make announcements, and provide a history of communication. All competitors and advisers should join the group. The Github Organization and Repositories are used to version control and distribute competition code. All competitors and advisers should watch the competition repositories to receive updates on issues, code changes, etc. Finally, the SUAS Calendar contains most dates, times, locations, and descriptions that might be relevant to teams.

Read the Rules

The rules contain all the information necessary to compete- the requirements, the dates, the deliverables, the logistics, etc. Teams should read the entire rule document for the past/current and upcoming competition year. Draft rules tend to be released around September and will be announced on the AUVSI SUAS Google Group. To download the rules, navigate to Competitions.

Register to Compete

Teams must register to compete in the competition. Registration opens shortly after the rules are released, typically in September, and closes a few weeks later. Registration requires teams to submit a form and send a registration fee. See the rules for exact dates and requirements. Teams will be notified on the AUVSI SUAS Google Group if their team has been accepted.

Note registration fees are non-refundable once the team is accepted. If the team is not accepted, the fee will be refunded.

Design & Build a System

Once teams have registered and then been accepted to compete, teams should begin designing and building a system. To get started, teams should read the technical papers and watch the flight readiness reviews from past competitions to learn how other teams have designed and built a system. To read the papers and videos, navigate to Competitions. Teams should also read past posts to the AUVSI SUAS Google Group, which may contain helpful rule clarifications or hints.